What’s happening at Advent?

In December 2018 we relocated home / business / life / cat from Squamish (near Vancouver) to Invermere, BC in the East Kootenays … well actually home is in Panorama and the workshop is in the valley. After 7 return trips of almost 14,000 km total we had moved everything and began the long process of setting up the new workshop & figuring out the lay of the land in our new location.

9 months or so later and we are well settled … hoping there’s no reason to move for another few decades (if ever).  Gradually finding a spot for everything, building storage, creating new jigs and work benches, setting up various systems, figuring out all the options for lunch, getting signage installed, getting to know the 4 legged locals … plenty to do!

Over the 2018 / 19 winter months I took the opportunity to get some snow time in with a season teaching for Panorama Mountain snow school … living in resort was always a dream so for me downsizing to a small apartment but living right on the ski hill is very much a big plus. I have my overflow storage at the shop, but it’s also a great way to deter one from buying more “stuff” when you live in a smaller space. These days usually if I’m spending money it’s on new tools … but some new skis are probably on the cards for this season, maybe perhaps 😉

Over the past years I went from a one man show to up to 10 employees … part of the move was to get back to what I know and love as well as reduce the stress levels; certainly living in the Panorama-Invermere area life is far less likely to cause me anxiety … it’s a very supportive community which was evident from day 1. I love walking around Panorama in the evening and hearing marmots whistle or watching the deer graze without a care in the world. I’m realizing things change come summer in terms of the traffic and population in Invermere, but it’s all relative and far far from the congestion I dealt with on a daily basis in Squamish & Whistler in recent years.

Rummaging round the slab pile at Rona (North Star) Invermere

Since setting up shop in Invermere we have gotten off to a good start with a couple of small cabinetry projects & then one much larger ski lodge project which we are in the midst of right now and will continue for the next couple of months. This has been an excellent way to demonstrate our breadth of abilities especially when it comes to creating unique custom wood furniture items. We have come out of this process with a tonne of new ideas and plan to develop many of these in to a combination of standard “stock” items and more custom products. There is a chance you will see us at various farmer’s markets next year. We will also be developing our online storefront through our Advent Wood Products brand … more on that to come. For those who have been following us on Instagram you will know we have been working on a new wood / Ecopoxy / LED signage concept and we plan to create some more examples for display once the current example heads to the client for install. With our new CNC capabilities the options are limitless!

So in short … it’s been a very busy last 9 months and time has flown by. I can hardly believe we are heading in to our 2nd winter in the region already. Loving it!!