Custom Cabinets

We have been designing & building cabinets for all sorts of purposes for many years now; from kitchens & bathroom vanities to home offices, bars, hotel rooms … if you need cabinets custom built to your specifications then this is what we do.

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Wood-work Creations

Solid wood & plywood furniture, counters with original details, Ecopoxy & wood creations, baseboard covers to name but a few. What’s on your list?

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Signs and Other Wood-work Products

We are always creating … we now have the capability to produce CNC routered wood signs & other products of various sizes such as coat racks, wall art, laptop stands, phone stands, etc.

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What sets us apart?

We have a very unique set of skills and experiences which combine an engineering background, design for manufacturing, technology implementation and of course a passion for wood-working. We love to think “out of the box” and present creative solutions and original designs for our clients. As long as there’s some “wow” factor and things are built to last then we’re happy.

We are known for our extremely hands-on approach as well as incorporating technology in to what is typically a fairly traditional process; whether that be in the design software we use or the CNC equipment used to produce our lettering and other graphical details.

We are the definition of a small business; the person who answers the phone when you call for an appointment is the same person who will design and build your project. We thrive on creative solutions … if you want someone to churn out cabinet boxes at the lowest cost then that isn’t us … if you are after the personalized touch, a design flair, no-compromise solutions then give us a call.

“Best Day Ever” ski lodge bar counter

Next Steps…

To find out more and see if we are a good fit for each other, give us a call or send us an email … if we have the head down and ear protectors on then we will call or email you right back. Alternatively pop in to the Invermere workshop if you are in the area and we would be delighted to take a few minutes to discuss your project.