Our Approach

We would describe ourselves as a blend of new technology and old-school work ethic. Our goal is to wow you and to create products which will last a lifetime.

Our design aesthetic is often described as a blend of Alpine lodge & contemporary style, but depending on the project we often lean stronger in one direction or the other.

We love to be inspired by our natural surroundings and can often be seen camera in hand looking for unique aspects from daily life.

Our Story


Meet “the team”

As we said before we are the definition of a small business; currently it’s a team of 3 … me, myself & I … oh, plus Pumpkin of course … mustn’t forget her!

Barry Thomson

Founder, Cabinet Guy, Chief of Everything Advent related

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland … I recently relocated to Invermere, BC from Squamish (on the west coast near Vancouver). I now live in Panorama (to be close to the ski hill) but my workshop is in the business park in Invermere down in the valley. Since leaving Scotland in 1996 I have spent time in Australia, Netherlands, California, France, London (England) but I have called Canada home since 2003. My university degree from 1992 is in Manufacturing Engineering / Industrial Design. If I’m not in the workshop or on a client site then chances are I’ll be on the ski slopes (in winter) or hiking / biking the trails (in summer) or at my computer … wherever I am I try to do everything with a passion and plenty old school work ethic.


Head of Moral Support

Next Steps…

Reach out however you wish … click the CONTACT US button over here on the right to get hold of us via email, phone or feel free to drop by the workshop if you’re in the Invermere area. Often best to call ahead just to make sure we are not off to a supplier or a client site.